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Series - Sizes


Formula 602 Modern Essentials

  • Full, rich, warm, strong, deep, silvery. Wide range, complex mix. Responsive, even feel. Warm sparkling stick sound over a wide, deep wash. Fairly quick, strong crash sound. Extremely dynamic and lively ride cymbal, suitable for numerous musical styles.
    Weight medium Volume low to loud Stick Sound balanced Intensity lively Sustain long Bell Character fairly separated (6)
  • «A translucent warmth with definition and a really good controllable wash in the right proportions. Paiste really exceeded my expectations with the Modern Essentials rides.» - Vinnie Colaiuta (6)

Signature Precision

  • Bright, rich and warm. Wide range, clean mix. Giving feel. Defined ping with slightly silvery wash. All-purpose ride cymbal for various applications.
    Weight medium heavy Volume medium low to loud Stick Sound balanced Intensity fairly lively Sustain long Bell Character separated (6)


  • Full, rich, defined and strong. Fairly wide range, fairly clean mix. Very even feel. Clear, silvery stick sound paired with a full, somewhat glassy and velvety wash. Perfect balance. A very comfortable ride with great rebound and a very giving feel, suited for all styles in the range of Pop, Rock, Blues, R&B and Latin.
    Weight medium Volume low to fairly loud Stick Sound clear, meaty, full, silvery Intensity fairly lively Sustain fairly long Bell Character integrated (5)


  • Medium pitched, clear defined ride sound. Nice bell sound with supporting undertones for increased projection. (2)


  • A warm, lively and full sounding cymbal with a penetrating ping. An excellent all around ride cymbal. (1)
  • A versatile ride with a penetrating ping and a warm, lively overall sound. Strong bell, wide frequency range, the Ride works well for light to medium volume situations. (3)
  • Warm, full, lively, brilliant. Wide range, clean mix. Even, balanced feel. Clear defined ping over full, clear wash. Versatile general purpose ride. Extremely classic rock ride sound.
    Weight medium to heavy Volume medium to loud Stick Sound balanced Intensity lively Sustain medium Bell Character clear, integrated (4)

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