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Paiste Super logo
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Introduction: 1955?-1963?

Discontinued: 1978

Background: Introduction Unknown (most likely between 1955 and 1963) / Discontinued 1978.
The Paiste SUPER (not to be confused with the precursor to the Formula 602, the B20 Super Formula 602) was a long-running, low-priced cymbal that slotted in below the Dixie in the Paiste lineup for most, if not all, of its history.
According to the 2009 Paiste timeline on NF Drums, the Super started off life in Germany in 1955 as a Nickel-Silver (NS12) cymbal.
That timeline has production first beginning in Germany in 1955 and in the Nottwil factory in 1963 (supposedly now of the new B8 alloy, at least for some cymbals) although the Paiste catalogs we have in our possession do not support this, as the Super is not listed in the 1966 Swiss catalog and doesn't appear on any Swiss printed materials until 1970.
It is speculated that the SUPER was first made in Germany sometime between 1960 and 1964, after the Paiste Standard line was discontinued. Then, the Swiss factory also made NS12 Supers for a short period of time (1967-1971?) before both factories made the B8 version starting sometime in 1971.
Production of the B8 Super ceased by 1974 in the Swiss factory - the cymbal was still available from the German factory (in very limited sizes - 14", 18" and 20") until 1978 when it was replaced by the 101.
The Supers made in Switzerland in 1972 and 1973 were given serial numbers (at least some of the time).
Late period Super cymbals will have a black ink Paiste logo stamped near the bell (unless it has faded or been cleaned off) and the red type stamp ink dates back to the NS12 days.
The very late period Supers (post 1975) from Germany had black type stamp ink and some of these cymbals even have serial numbers.

Alloy: Nickel Silver - CuSn8/B8 bronze (possibly after 1970)

Quality: Entry level, budget, beginner student

Applications: The budget Super was a "universal" cymbal suitable for crashing and riding.



"The sizes above appear on the July, 1970 Paiste price sheet. It is entirely possible, most likely probably, that the Super lineup was different in the earlier days of NS12 production.
NS12 cymbals stamped as Mediums have been reported, but there isn't any picture documentation.
The sizes above were also reflective of the earlier stages of B8 production. By 1976, the Super line had been reduced to 14", 18" and 20" cymbals. Additional 60s era catalogs will need to be found to shed more light on the early history of this line."

Information from: NF Drums, Todd Little, Dan Garza

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