Paiste 2002 13" Ride

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2002 13" Ride
2002 13" Ride
2002 13" Ride
1979 13" Ride

Group: Rides
Type: Ride
Size: 13 Inch
Series: 2002
Weight: 789g (1979 Serial Number), 834g (1987 Serial Number)
Years of production: 1971 - 1994/1995
Sound file: 2002 13" Ride
Paiste's Description: <<< - >>>
Review: Being a very curious person, when I saw this for sale, I had to buy it. In my opinion, it's no wonder why Paiste no longer makes this model in this size. It's clangy and overly bright. I can't really imagine any type of music that this cymbal would fit well. If someone had this as a hi-hat, or in a stack, these uses would be about the only ones that I could see this little guy being good for.
Review written by Bluejacketsfan
Artist/song where it can be heard: unknown