Paiste Color Sound 900 22" Ride

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CS 900 22 Ride 1.jpg
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Group: Rides
Type: Ride
Size: 22 Inch
Series: Color Sound 900
Weight: 2980g (2023 Serial Number), 2990g, 2993g, 3001g
Years of production: 2017 - Present
Sound file: Color Sound 900 22" Ride
Color Sound 900 22" Ride
Color Sound 900 22" Ride
Color Sound 900 22" Ride
Paiste's Description: <<< - >>>
Review: It's a bit dark sounding, with a decently defined stick sound. By industry terms it's a medium ride, but I feel like it plays like a medium-heavy, maybe partly due to the colorsound coating. It does have a dry-ish sound, sort of like a built-in EQ. Hitting the bell with the shank of the stick gives a nice "ding". Because it's not overly heavy, crashing while riding is pleasing as well. I feel like if one is looking for a less dry / more washy alternative to the Signature 22" Blue Bell Ride, this 900 Colorsound 22" Ride might be a good choice.
Review written by Bluejacketsfan
Artist/song where it can be heard: unknown