Paiste 2002 22" Ride

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2002 22" Ride
2002 22" Ride

Group: Rides
Type: Ride
Size: 22 Inch
Series: 2002
Weight: 2895g (1978 Serial Number), 3107g (2007 Serial Number), 3170g (Red Label), 3198g (Red Label)
Years of production: 1971 - Present
Sound file: 2002 22" Ride
2002 22" Ride
2002 22" Ride
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Artist/song where it can be heard: Carmine Appice, Rod De'Ath, Alvino Bennett, Art Blakey, Brian Davison, Mick Fleetwood, Beaver Harris, John Marshall, Stu Martin, Nicko McBrain, Paul Motian, Ian Paice, Carl Palmer, Jeff Porcaro, Alex Riel, Narada Michael Walden, Brad Wilk