Paiste 2002 24" Ride

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2002 24" Ride
2002 24" Ride
2002 24" Ride (Pre-Serial)
2002 24" Ride (Pre-Serial)

Group: Rides
Type: Ride
Size: 24 Inch
Series: 2002
Weight: 3086g (Pre-Serial), 3581g (Red Label, Laser Etch), 3886g (2006 Serial Number), 3896g, 3900g (Red Label), 3976g (Red Label), 3980g (2007 Serial Number)
Years of production: 1971- ?; 1996 - Present
Sound file: 2002 24" Ride Black Label
2002 24" Ride
2002 24" Ride
Paiste's Description: <<< - >>>
Review: A monster. A lot of ping, low pitched rumbling wash also with a layer of delicate, densely mixed brilliant wash on top. Rather sensitive, and very controllable thanks to its size. Can be built up, played all out or played softly depending on where you strike. Killer bell that wakes up the whole cymbal, very integrated sound. Grand body sound that is very present. Does not crash well, but can be "crashed" for a loud, colossal ring.
Review written by Akahito
Review: Insane wash and sustain like that other dude said, the crash isn't that great IMO. Too gongy. I have one, overall I think it's OK. But the bell is perfect.
Review written by Ronan23
Review: I know, I know, this could be called a mini-gong. I mean we're talking 2 Feet of Paiste metal! Yikes! The guys in my band flashed worried looks when I pulled this beast out of my cymbal bag. I felt no remorse as one plugged in his Marshall stack directly to my left and the other plugged in his 2 Fender Super Reverbs directly to my right (now do you know why I ditched the Bosphorus rig?). This is the cymbal that I had the most buyer's remorse for right off the bat. When my band rehearsed in a small room, it was just too much, and I missed my Bos/Zild rides. That being said, the 24" 2002 is an excellent big venue cymbal. It sounds wonderful and has a very nice spread/wash to it. That's why I got the 24" - the 20" had too much of a pingy stick sound, so I jumped up to the 24" in the store and loved the warmer spread and wash. What this cymbal has required from me has been a lot of attention to technique, i.e. how hard to play, where on the cymbal to play, which sticks to use, bead-only vs. bead/shaft strokes, etc. I realize that I should all think about this stuff w/ ANY cymbals I play, but for me, the 24" is less forgiving b/c there were times when I was just playin' away like I had my 21" Bos Antique and lo and behold the roof was coming down. BUT, when played musically and dynamically, I think it is a very nice cymbal. It will force me to improve my technique for sure.
My final analysis on the 24" Ride is a follows: I want to keep it and use it for when my band plays large venues and outdoor festivals. In such a setting, it can truly do what it needs to do. In the near future, I think I want to get a 22" 2002 or a 22" 2002 Deep Full for the smaller venues. They'll probably have the spread/wash that I'm looking for without the massive rumble that the 24" gets when I lay into it. But in the meantime, I think the 24" will grow on me once I learn more of the technical intricacies of playing such a large ride cymbal.
Review written by almamadre
Review: The 24" was VERY pingy, with a medium amount of overtones, and was just HUGE sounding.
Review written by Hilikus
Review: Lots of solid definition, warm wash,and lots of volume. I was actually surprised at how much ping this did have. I use this in a Hard Rock covers band occasionally. It is loud enough to be heard, but I like a little more definition from my ride. My bandmates love it though!
Review written by Stranjluv101
Artist/song where it can be heard: Rod De'Ath, John Bonham, Jimmy Bower, Scott Carneghi, Joey Castillo, Jean-Pierre Drouet, Nathan Followill, Larry Hancock, Beaver Harris, Jon Hiseman, Abe Laboriel Jr, Hans-Peter Leopold, Heinz Niemeyer, Nigel Olsson, Carl Palmer, Cozy Powell, Prairie Prince, Allen Schellenberger, Robert Sweet, Alex Van Halen, Pick Withers