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Cozy Powell

Bands / Acts: Whitesnake, Rainbow, Emerson Lake & Powell, Michael Schenker Group, Solo Artist
Paiste artist since: 1969
Styles: Rock, Progressive Rock

Cymbal Setups

1976(?)/1977 - "Rainbow On Stage" liner notes

(specifics not mentioned, so until a better source comes along...) And I quote:
1 x 18" China Type
1 x 24" Ride Formula 602
1 x 20" Ride
1 x 18" Crash/Ride
1 x 18" Crash
2 x 16" Crash
1 x 15" Crash
1 pair 15" Hi-Hats
1 x 6" Splash

1981 (left to right) - Paiste Profiles 3

1988 (left to right) - Paiste Ad

Recommended Media




Other Gear - Paiste Profiles 3

  • Drums: Yamaha
  • Heads: Remo CS Black Dot
  • Sticks: Special edition by Manos Woods custom-made for CP

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