Paiste Formula 602 18" Medium Ride

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602 18" Medium Ride
602 18" Medium Ride
602 18" Medium Ride
602 18" Medium Ride

Group: Rides
Type: Medium Ride
Size: 18 Inch
Series: Formula 602
Weight: 1600g (Black), 1646g (Preserial), 1650g (Preserial), 1660g (Black), 1670g (Preserial), 1691g (Preserial), 1700g (Preserial), 1723g (Preserial), 1738g (Black), 1756g (Blue), 1760g (Black), 1768g (Preserial), 1775g (Preserial), 1779g (1985 Serial Number), 1815g (Preserial), 1837g (Black), 1900g (Preserial), 1922g (Black)
Used Prices: $106 - $300 (median $220) n=25
MAP New: $440 list $710 (Aug 2020) for 18" models in production
Years of production: 1963 - 1994. Currently out of production
Sound file: Blue Label 1980s 18" Medium Ride
Black Label 1977 18" Medium Ride
Pre Serial 1960s 18" Medium Ride
Paiste's Description: <<< - >>>
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Artist/song where it can be heard: Czeslaw Bartkowski, Peter Baumeister, Clive Bunker, Jean-Pierre Drouet, Ringo Funk, Vladimir Furduy, Keef Hartley, Egil Johansen, Ivan Krillzarin, Marty Morell, Heinz Niemeyer, Ian Paice, Cozy Powell, Alex Riel, Ed Thigpen, John Wilson

The Medium Ride shown here has a typical weight (1738g) and the typical ink pattern for 1976. The RIDE portion of the red model ink is a little faint, but present. The embossed trademark is the Outline form which is associated with the Black label serial number period (1972 to 1981). The ink stamps on the bottom are the diameter in black ink 18" and the pAisTe in outline form. The ink on the top side also includes the two line pAisTe Formula 602 ink stamp between the embossed trademark and the bell.

Weight comparisons for some other 18" Fo602 cymbals:

Note that this comparison of models and weights needs to move to a page where other diameters are also included but it has been placed here for now.

Paperthin 1162g - 1280g median 1200g
Thin Crash 1284g - 1535g median 1450g
Thin 1410g - 1590g median 1424g
Seven Sound Set #4 Ride/Crash 1462g - 1542g median 1474g
Modern Essentials 1485g
Morello 1510g (just two the same weight)
Medium 1600g - 1843g median 1677g
Medium Ride 1600g - 1922g median 1738g
Heavy 1930g - 2030g median 1990g

On present evidence Paperthin are a different range from Thin Crash, but Thin Crash and Thin overlap. Similarly Medium and Medium Ride weight ranges overlap. The Medium/Medium Ride weight ranges are distinct from the Thin/Thin Crash ranges. The Heavy weight class is distinct from the Medium/Medium Ride weight ranges. In order to distinguish a Thin Crash from a Thin once the model ink has gone we would want more then just weight. In order to distinguish a Medium from a Medium Ride we would want more than weight. Research is ongoing to determine if knowing production era (Preserial, Black label, Blue Label, Reissue) can help in the general case. It is also likely that the differences in sound and feel are due to shape and weight distribution not just weight itself. Work is ongoing to assess the profile (curvature of the bow) and taper (thinning of the metal towards the edge) which might inform that understanding.