Paiste 2002 20" Crash

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2002 20" Crash
2002 20" Crash

Group: Crashes
Type: Crash
Size: 20 Inch
Series: 2002
Weight: 1605g (1973 Serial Number), 1887g (2017 Serial Number), 1905g
Years of production: 1971 - Present
Sound file: 2002 20" Crash
2002 20" Crash
2002 20" Crash
2002 20" Crash & Paiste 2002 20" Medium Comparison
2002 20" Crash & Paiste 2002 20" Medium Comparison (with Giant Beats also)
Paiste's Description: <<< - >>>
Review: This is my "ballad crash", that big crash that is hit just at the beginning of the guitar solo in a power ballad. :) No, really, this is a beautiful crash, too big for multiple fast hits, but perfect when you need a crash with some sustain to it. (Like the aforementioned power ballad) Can be great to roll on,and if you play soft music, could probably be used as a ride. (when I say soft music, I mean extremely soft music) No problems here crash/riding this à la Travis Barker. This has been at my 3 o'clock position in my setup almost since I bought it,and will remain there for awhile. It has a great shimmer,and is medium to medium low in pitch. This is one of my favorite cymbals Paiste has ever made.
Review written by Stranjluv101
Review: 2oo2 crashes are great. I have a 20" 2oo2 Black Label crash. It's an amazing cymbal. Probably my favorite cymbal I own.
Review written by Kill.Joy
Artist/song where it can be heard: Alex Acuña, Frank Beard, Jimmy Bower, Bogie Bowles, John Chester, Keith Moon, Ian Paice, Jeff Porcaro,Cozy Powell, Phil Rudd