Paiste RUDE 10" Splash

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Group: Splashes (and Bells)
Type: Splash
Size: 10 Inch
Series: RUDE
Weight: ?g
Years of production: 1982 - 1985 as RUDE, 1986 - 1993 as 3000 RUDE, 1994 - 1998 as 2002 RUDE, 1999 - Present as RUDE
Sound file: unknown
Paiste's Description: <<< - >>>
Review: The RUDE splash is great. Very strong, loud, bright, with long sustain (although the sustain after the initial attack is kind of quite, so the long sustain isn't at all a problem) almost mini crash. Its perfect for me. Makes pretty much all other splashes I've heard (haven't heard a Dim. Power yet or a Z) sound and feel very weak. Just wished they made 8", 9", 11", & 12".
Review written by DIRT
Review: The RUDE splash is in my opinion very bad. It doesn't sound like a splash, it's just a very unmusical and bright sound which I can't define. Don't get me wrong; I love the RUDEs, and I have both the Power Ride and a Thin Crash, but the splash from that line just doesn't sound good to my ears. The 2002 Splash will sound much more like a splash then the RUDE will.
Review written by Trollet
Review: I love the rude splash. Love it to death. That and the 2002 rock splash, best splashes ever. This is the be-all-end-all of metal splashes!
Review written by ROMAN
Review: I'm too loving this splash, very powerful, this cymbal is just awesome in rock/metal music, very explosive sound with more sustain than a 2002 10" Splash for example.
Review written by Orasilth
Review: This cymbal requires volume to work properly.
If you attempt to play it in anything short of the loudest volume situations or with anything less than a very healthy thwack of the stick you’re rewarded with something very much less than musically enriching and enjoyable.
However once played at full throttle in the noisiest of situations it comes into its own. It’s the only splash in production today that sounds like a splash cymbal in the middle of all the noise. Every single other splash out there gets lost and winds up smashed to pieces as you try to somehow make it speak up and be heard through all that distortion.
Even more remarkably, the RUDE manages to not only speak up loud and clear for itself (its worth it just for that) but it does so in a surprisingly musical manner. It’s not just a nasty ‘clank’ but something of real musical worth – splashy, sparkling and crisp with a decent sustain.
Just don’t even attempt to play anything less than the loudest of music with it, or you’re going to be heading straight back to the shop for a refund.
Random trivia for you lot – this was my first ever Paiste!
Review written by Stuffed Chimp
Artist/song where it can be heard: Greg d'Angelo, Alex Gonzalez, Joey Jordison, Cozy Powell, David Silveria