Paiste 505 20" Ride

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Group: Rides
Type: Ride
Size: 20 Inch
Series: 505
Weight: 2143g (Green Label), 2150g, 2192g (Black Label), 2214g (Green Label), 2239g (Green Label)
Years of production: 1978 - 1986
Sound file: 505 20" Ride
505 20" Ride
505 20" Ride
Paiste's Description: <<< - >>>
Review: This cymbal is from the 5o5 series, a now discontinued line released from Paiste to appeal to the entry-to-mid-level market. It's made from "2oo2 bronze" (CuSn8) and features similar lathing and hammering to that of the 2oo2 line, just not as extensive. One of the main differences between 5o5s and 2oo2s is their wider lathe pattern.
This is a beautiful cymbal. The hammering and lathing process are very professional and it shows in the sound. The stick sound is bright and pingy, but not overpowering. Different sticks can make all the difference-- a medium barrel tip makes it sound articulate but still lets it cut through with a fairly bright stick sound. A small round or acorn tip has a great lighter sound which is more "clicky" but still probably too loud/overpowering for say a small jazz group. Larger sticks really bring out a bright tone and opens up the stick sound a bit. No matter sticks you use, the surface of this cymbal is very sensitive.
This ride has a very glassy high-end wash under the stick sound. At medium volume playing the wash doesn't immediately overpower the stick ping; however beware, the wash quickly becomes somewhat loud. As you lay into the cymbal more the wash becomes very prominent and really has a bright roaring sound. As you might guess, the best middle-of-the-ground washiness is sort of the midpoint of the bell and edge-- the middle of the bow. Towards the bell the thickness increases and really brings out more "ping" and about one inch from the edge it really thins out and sounds very similar to say a 2oo2 Flatride.
Now my favorite part of the 5o5 20" medium ride-- the crash sound. This cymbal can open up VERY easily. When you shoulder this cymbal, it will immediately respond. The crash sound REALLY brings out a huge wash and is just a little bit "gongy". If you use the tapered part of the stick, the crash is more bright & cutting no matter the volume. Using the full thickness of the stick makes the ride really wobble and sounds a big, wide, full crash sound. It's a great rock crash sound when you need something that is big & REALLY washy but still cuts through with high-end.
The bell is pretty seperated from the rest of the cymbal. It's kind of hard to hear the wash when you hit the bell with either the tip or the taper of the stick, but it still comes out a little bit underneath. The bell sound is cutting and great for rock, but isn't very "smoky" sounding at all. It's very bright.
Review written by fiveohfive
Review: Nice sounding, multi-purpose ride. It's louder than I thought a 20" Ride would be. I got this for a Beatles covers band,and it fits the job perfectly. This does open up very nicely, so crash-riding is possible,and it sounds terrific! These can be had fairly cheaply, probably less than $100USD as of Sept. 2009, so try this one out. If you play loud music, this will probably get lost in the mix, but maybe you are looking for a ride that "blends" more than it "cuts'.
Review written by Bluejacketsfan
Review: Somewhat glassy ping, dirty wash. It's pretty crashable as well. This is a solid general-purpose ride, not too thick, not too thin. I wouldn't recommend this for extremely loud live use in metal/harder rock and such, as the ping will get lost in that context.
Review written by vonrichter
Artist/song where it can be heard: Terry Bozzio