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Series - Sizes


Formula 602

Seven Sound Set No.6

  • Similar to Chinese sound, but with greater brilliance and definition. (2)

  • An exotic, light and airy cymbal with a touch of sparkle to the ping and a soft, mellow crash sound with a full, long sustain. Although oriental in character, the vibrations are finer and more controlled than other Paiste China Types and the result is a light, mellow, compact, direct and beautifully balanced sound. (1)


  • The cymbal is equally expressive when being played with a stick or mallet and is effective in any musical situation. (3)


  • Low pitched, high volume crash effect cymbal. Fast attack and decay (good for quarter note accents).(4)


  • An exotic, powerful cymbal with a unique bell shape that helps to prevent overtones from building. An effective ride cymbal, because it doesn’t get louder unless struck harder. This is why it is possible to play soft and fast on it and it doesn’t build up. Crash sound is aggressive and explosive. More unusual and funky sounds in one cymbal than would seem possible. Very effective with stick or mallets. (1)

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