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The Player

Bands / Acts: Frank Zappa, UK, Missing Persons, Brecker Brothers Jeff Beck
Paiste artist since: 70s
Styles: Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Modern Classical

Cymbal Setups

1981 (left to right) - Paiste Profiles 3


1983 Tour - Modern Drummer "Ask A Pro" (October 1984)

1988 (left to right) - Fachblatt Feature (December '88)

All Colorsounds in black

1992 (left to right) - Paiste Ad

All cymbals and gongs are black

1994 (left to right) - Paiste Ad

Recommended Media


  • [ Zappa In New York - Frank Zappa]
  • [ Heavy Metal Be-Bop - Brecker Brothers]
  • [ Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop - Jeff Beck]



Other Gear - Paiste Profiles 3

  • Drums: Tama, Remo, Syndrum
  • Heads: Remo CS Black Dot
  • Sticks: Pro Mark 808, 707, 5B, 2B

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