Paiste Formula 602 13" Heavy Bell

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Paiste Formula 602 13" Heavy Bell
Paiste Formula 602 13" Heavy Bell (2018 Special Order)
Paiste Formula 602 13" Heavy Bell (2018 Special Order)
Paiste Formula 602 13" Heavy Bell (2018 Special Order)

Group: Splashes (and Bells)
Type: Heavy Bell
Size: 13 Inch
Series: Formula 602
Weight: 2232g (1983 Serial Number), 2314g (2018 Serial Number, Special Order), 2325g (2018 Serial Number, Special Order), 2362g (1986 Serial Number),
Years of production: custom order until: 2020 - Present
Sound file: Paiste Formula 602 13" Heavy Bell
Paiste Formula 602 13" Heavy Bell & Paiste Signature 13" Mega Cup Chime
Paiste's Description: <<< - >>>
Review: Very Heavy, warm resonating tone that seems to last forever. Tone is mid range, and sounds like a bell not a cymbal.
Review written by progressive-drummer
Review: The 13" Heavy bell sounds very much like a BELL. I know that sounds weird, but I mean a big huge liberty bell type bell. It is very, very pingy, and can really take a beating. Due to the 13" size, it is fairly low toned. It is so heavy that you have to whack it to get a loud ping out of it. Riding it like a ride on the bow, creates a low to mid volumed ping. It is when it is cut across the edge that it really is loud. I swear if you were to hit it like a crash, it would continue to ring for 2-3 days minimum...kidding...kind of. I currently have it placed next to my hats, so I can use it as an accent and a ride cymbal. The finish on the Formula 602's is beautiful as well. It has a very fine lathing on it, that just makes it look amazing. It is a lot like 2002 lathing, but maybe a little finer. The blue 602 label is very cool too, and very intricate.
Review written by askiles
Review: Wow! Just Wow! This is an amazing little cymbal! Give this guy a good hit,and it is the loudest, most penetrating bell I've ever heard. If you are familiar with the 2002 6" Bell Chime's sound, imagine this as his really big brother. Being so thick it really didn't respond well to light taps with the tip, you really get the best response when hit with the shoulder along the edge. However, a light tap to the bell will give you a bit of a cowbell sound! There really is no comparing this to a 2002 or Signature Bell that can be used for quick accents; this is all sustain. If you listed to the Live After Death version of Iron Maiden's "Hallowed be Thy Name" you can hear this little guy played out-it's not just tubular bells roaring out with deep harmonic ferocity! This will be with me for a long time to come. I wouldn't mind trying out one or more of the other F602 Heavy Bells.
Review written by Stranjluv101
Artist/song where it can be heard: Terry Bozzio, Nicko McBrain, Alex Van Halen