Paiste RUDE 18" Crash/Ride

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Group: Crashes
Type: Crash/Ride
Size: 18 Inch
Series: RUDE
Weight: ?g
Years of production: 1980 - 1985 as RUDE, 1986 - 1993 as 3000 RUDE, 1994 - 1998 as 2002 RUDE, 1999 - Present as RUDE
Sound file: unknown
Paiste's Description: <<< - >>>
Review: LOUD. Very bright and quite earthy, this is probably the heaviest crash in the market. Does not open up like a crash should but it will definitely cut. It had a lot of cut but I overplayed it due to its lack of explosiveness hence I cracked it well before its time, I was still a beginner (and a teenager) at the time though. I would like it back now.
Review written by Carlostomy
Review: Very loud, as everyone knows. Not so much you cannot just use it lightly. Not very loud as a ride, but a nice heavy crash. Long sustain, builds up and just keeps going. Not for anything but loud music! Has a very "gongy" sound, not your "typical" classic crash sound by no means!
Review written by ROMAN
Review: RUDE Crash/Rides tend to be more about volume than tone,and this one is no exception. It is loud, no doubt about it. This isn't a cymbal that blends well with cymbals of lighter weights. It really needs to be surrounded with heavy friends. My 18" Crash/Ride was in the 3000 series, and it was a dark sounding cymbal. Crash/riding will result in a big, powerful wall of sound. One-dimensional, but a great companion to deep toms and huge concert halls. This is for those looking for a piercing cymbal crash with a long sustain capable of cutting through stacks of amplifiers. This cymbal comes with guts, all you need to provide is the ear plugs.
Review written by Stranjluv101
Review: I have the 17 and 18 inch, the 18 a little darker, and the 17 cutting as ****, both can be rode to have a full sounding crash. Great cymbals, just slightly heavy for my taste. If you want something with a little less sustain and that takes less effort to get the full sound of the cymbal out, check out rude thin crashes.
Review written by kadnar24
Artist/song where it can be heard: Tommy Aldridge, Charlie Benante, Terry Bozzio, Stewart Copeland, Danny Gottlieb, Joey Jordison, Dave Lombardo, Larry Mullen Jr., Marky Ramone, Scott Rockenfield, David Silveria