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Charlie Benante

2023 Pantera Tour Setup
undated Tama Publicity Photo
Charlie Purple Cymbals.jpg

Bands / Acts: Anthrax
Paiste artist since: February '88
Styles: Metal

Cymbal Setups

1988 - Modern Drummer Feature (May '88)

1988 (left to right) - Paiste Ad

1991 - Paiste Ad

1993 (left to right)

1995 - Paiste Ad

1998 (left to right) - Paiste Ad

2002 (left to right) - Modern Drummer "Ask a Pro" (May '02)

2004 - Paiste Cymbal Guide

2009 (left to right) - Paiste Website

2019 (left to right) - Paiste Instagram / Website

Charlie Benante 2019 (Paiste Instagram)

(All cymbals in purple Colorsound finish)

2023 (left to right) - Paiste Website

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