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  • Wild, metallic, harsh, roaring, full, glassy, somewhat dark and dry. Wide range, complex mix. Very quick and responsive feel. Extremely wild roaring open sound with a fast attack and merciless shatter. Tight and crispy, metallic, barking chick sound. Made for all extreme music styles such as Heavy Metal, Hardcore or Thrash Metal and similar forms of complex and louder musical contexts where a steady and consistently cutting and very durable Hi-Hat is required.
    Weight medium top / heavy bottom Volume medium to very loud Stick Sound piercing Intensity very lively Sustain medium long Chick Sound compact, barking (2)


  • Wild, metallic, icy, dark, full and piercing. Fairly wide range, complex mix. Very responsive, giving feel. Very wild, roaring open sound. Sharp, dark and cutting stick sound. A very strong and powerful, yet sensitive hi-hat that is well suited for today’s Rock and Metal genres.
    Weight medium heavy top / heavy bottom Volume medium to very loud Stick Sound icy, sharp Intensity very lively Sustain fairly long Chick Sound meaty, strong (1)

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Information from:

  1. 2007
  2. 2009