Paiste RUDE 14" Wild Hats

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RUDE 14" Wild Hats
RUDE 14" Wild Hats
RUDE 14" Wild Hats

Group: Hi-Hats
Type: Wild Hats
Size: 14 Inch
Series: RUDE
Weight: Top: 985g / Bottom: 1483g, Top: 989g / Bottom: 1492g
Years of production: 2008 - ?
Sound file: RUDE 14" Wild Hats
RUDE 14" Wild Hats
RUDE 14" Wild Hats
RUDE 14" Wild Hats
Paiste's Description: <<< - >>>
Review: Its wild, metallic, and harsh overall character, roaring open sound, fast attack with merciless shatter, and tight, barking chick sound makes it ideal for today's aggressive music styles.
Review written by
Review: Warm and trashy yet powerful and cutting. Like great jazz hats on steroids. Go figure. They are a lot lighter than any Rudes I have ever seen. They are actually bendier than my Giant Beats or my Dark Lights. I really love them. I tried a 22 Wild Ride and a 12" Splash and they both sucked big time. Dark and dare i say lush. industrial lush? lol. These are cutting hats for a guy with a jazz heart.
Review written by Deepop
Review: Icy and glassy, compared to the normal Rude hats. A slight weird tone, but one that is nice and orignal. Not a big difference between these and normal rude hats, but enough that if you dont like the standard heavy chick of rude hats, and are looking for a crisper, icy (er) sounding set, that still has the weight and nutz to work in loud settings, these are your hats. An almost slushy chick sound, but sharp. Cool hats. Finish seemed in general to be more brownish then the other rude hats, dont know if that helps or matters, but I thought it looked sexy!
Review written by ROMAN
Artist/song where it can be heard: unknown