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Series - Sizes


Formula 602

  • THIN cymbals are made especially for crash-effects and accents. Because they are thin, they vibrate at the slightest touch. This give them a brilliant, floating rustle with a deeper, darker sound color. When they are played sensitively, they can also be used for ride.
    MEDIUM RIDE and THIN cymbals have been made especially for the sound characteristics described above. Therefore, you should not expect good crash effects from a ride cymbal, nor a clear ride from a thin cymbal. They do not have it in them because they are not made for it. (2)

Giant Beat

  • Fairly dark, warm, breathy. Medium wide range, slightly complex mix. Soft feel; very responsive. A dynamic, full and velvety crash cymbal for a wide range of musical styles. Also well-suited for mallet applications.
    Weight thin Volume low to medium loud Stick Sound washy Intensity lively Sustain medium Bell Character integrated (1)


  • These very dynamic cymbals are nonetheless capable of sufficient volume, given their range of sizes. They share soft, buttery feel and a fairly short, unobtrusive and especially controllable character. A fine, silvery stick sound combines with warm, deep, complex, multilayered washes and open sounds. The Thin model functions equally well as a ride, crash or mallet cymbal.
    Weight thin Volume low to medium loud Stick Sound fine, silvery Intensity very lively Sustain medium Bell Character integrated (3)

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