Paiste Giant Beat 24" Multi

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White Label Giant Beat top
White Label Giant Beat top
Giant Beat 24" Multi top
Giant Beat 24" Multi bottom

Group: Rides
Type: Multi
Size: 24 Inch
Series: Giant Beat
Weight: 2786g (Pre-Serial), 2850g, 2913g, 2916g, 2921g, 2923g (2018 Serial Number), 2924g (Pre-Serial), 2925g, 2934g, 2939g (2005 Serial Number), 2941g, 2941g (2013 Serial Number)
Years of production: 1967 - 1974, 2005 - Present
Sound file: Giant Beat 24" Multi
Giant Beat 24" Multi
Giant Beat 24" Multi
Giant Beat 24" Multi
Giant Beat 24" Multi
Giant Beat vintage 24" Multi
Giant Beat vintage 24" Multi
Full set of vintage giant beats
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Review: This cymbal is an amazing addition. It's not very versatile but the sound of it makes that OK. If your looking for a huge washy ride sound or a big thundering crash this is the cymbal for you. The bell is pretty big of course being on a 24 in cymbal. It's not terribly loud but it's pretty warm and pleasant.
Review written by DEREKHUDSON
Review: The biggest sounding ride in the history of rock cymbals. Seriously, the sound of this mother rivals the 30" Stagg ride in terms of depth, shimmer and overall monstrosity. Brilliant, yet not bright, in fact rather dark by body sound. Lots of shimmering wash, somewhat diminished wooden, round stick sound reminiscent of sounds from old rock albums in the turn of the 70's. Clear, clean bell sound that is big and low pitched, but not loud as novastellarderek said. Overall the cymbal is medium volume that stays nicely transparent in the background, but can be brought more out for swelling crash accents and huge noise walls. Also nice to play on mallets.
Review written by Akahito
Review: Okay, here's the deal. I freaking love this cymbal.
The "wet" wash with the feel under the stick is stunning. I really like that it is a "busy" sounding ride cymbal. When I compare it to my 2002 24" Ride, I find the Giant Beat to have less silvery "ping" and more "tah" under the stick. I use 2B sticks and I found it to respond really well to changes in touch. The crash is simply beautiful; it opens up with a simple flick of the wrist. Mallet rolls are other-worldly. I am very happy with this cymbal.
Now it's time to get my grubby hands on the 20" and 18".
The Giant Beat 24" is sublime. Someone had mentioned previously (in another thread) that it might not be a "rock and roll" cymbal. I think that it makes a magnificent rock cymbal, unless you're looking for clangy-pingy definition. This would make a great jazz cymbal as well.
I played the 24" Giant Beat at another show and then again at band rehearsal. It is the best freaking piece of bronze that I have ever heard.
Review written by ivmike
Review: The 24" GB reissue is probably the best sounding RIDE Paiste is currently making. Very Bonham-ish (much more so then the red label 2002 sewer cap rides) Ironically, my 24" neo GB and my original 24" GB are the same weight (give or take an ounce, I have a cheapo scale), but I wish my original (hell the reissue to) was several ounces heavier.
Like we both agreed on earlier, getting the bell shape and profile correct would probably result in accurate sounding GB reissue.
In their own right, I think the Neo GB's sound great, they just don't sound like the originals. More like a refined 2002.
Review written by Bonzomoon
Review: The 24" GB is fairly high in pitch (a surprise) but, ironically, it seems pretty quiet and the wash easily overtakes the stick sound. I say ironically b/c that's a lot of metal to be quiet like that. Don't get me wrong, I love wash. But I want to be able to hear most of my stick work.
Review written by davidio
Review: Great ride! It has that ride sound your hear on the 60's records! The "ping" sound (it's not really pingy) has a raindrop-like character, and an amazing spread. Like ivmike said, it's a busy cymbal. The bell is quite large, and has a low-tone topped of with some high overtones, just like the ping. The crash is thunderous, and shimmering. A great ride!
Review written by Olli
Artist/song where it can be heard: Carmine Appice, John Bonham, Andrew Cyrille, Brian Davison, Jason McGerr, Lou Molino, Patrick Keeler, Nick Mason, Mani Neumeier, Bobby Rondinelli, Enzo Todesco, Alex Van Halen