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Series - Sizes


Exotic Percussion

  • The Flanger Splash takes the effect cymbal to another level. When struck, one hears a weird and sparkling, splashy sound with a modulating, flanging quality. With a short sustain, this cymbal features a "loose", dark, airy sound. (1)
  • Dark, full, low-pitched, slightly raw. Wide range, very complex mix. Soft, buttery, extremely responsive feel. Explosive, sparkling, slightly shattering attack, trashy, mellow, breathy fade. Overall sound is characterized by modulating and flanging over- and undertones. Also very well suited for hand and mallet playing.
    Weight very thin Volume soft to medium Stick Sound splashy Intensity fairly lively Sustain medium short Bell Character splashy, integrated (2)

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Information from:

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  2. 2001 PAISTE catalog