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PAISTE PERCUSSIVE SOUNDS Collection, The Percussive Sounds collection is an interesting family of unique percussion instruments. Paiste's concept behind this collection is deliberately broad, allowing them to add innovative sounds without limitations. In creating these instruments, Paiste has utilised a wide variety of alloys in order to achieve the best possible sound realization. Some of Paiste's percussive sounds are designed specifically for traditional percussion scores, while others offer interesting alternatives to instruments that are traditionally called for but difficult to procure. Many of those percussive sounds are easily integrated into a traditional drum set and offer unusual sound colors for wider musical creativity.

Cymbals A. Finger Cymbals (2") Made from CuSn20 bronze, these small, thick cymbals produce a silvery high, musical sound with a long sustain. They may be played as pairs with finger straps, as pairs suspended on string, or they may be strung as rows to be played with mallets, sticks or triangle beaters.

B. Accent Cymbals (3 7/8", 5 7/8", 7 7/8") These CuSn8 small bronze cymbals produce a high pitched, "crashy" sound with a hint of tiny bell qualities. They may be played in pairs with leather straps, mounted upside down over bells on drum set cymbals for special effects or strung in pairs on string to be played with sticks and mallets.

C. Percussion Cymbals "Extra Thin" (11", 12", 13", 14", 15") Made from CuSn8 bronze, these exceptionally thin and delicate cymbals have a bright, warm and lively splash/crash character. They respond incredibly quick even to hand playing. They may be stacked as a cymbal tree or played individually.

D. Cup Chimes (5", 5 1/2", 6", 6 1/4", 6 3/4", 7 1/2", 7 3/4") These small CuSn8 bronze cymbals have large bells and narrow rims, producing a lively exotic sound with a hint of crash and bell character. They may be played individually, mounted upside down over cymbal bell in the drum set, on a cymbal stand using our 7-arm cup chime holder or on the Multi-Sound holder using our 5-arm cup chime holder

E. Sound Disks (4 1/8", 4 1/2", 5", 5 1/4", 5 3/4") Small round flat disks of CuSn8 bronze, these instruments produce a long, lively sound that is warm, and bright with "tiny bell" character. The sound is similar to Crotales and Tuned Disks but Sound Disks are not tuned to definite pitch and we allow modulations. Sound Disks are best strung up to be played with sticks or mallets.

F. Rotosound (6 3/4", 7 3/4", 9") Round disks of CuSn8 bronze with a slight taper toward the edge. Their sound is long, lively, warm and bright with bell character. Our special Rotosound Holder allows the disk to be spun for an interesting vibrato effect.

G. Sound Plate (7 1/2" x 10 5/8", 8 1/4"x 11 3/4", 9" x 13", 12 1/4" x 17 3/4") Thick, rectangular plates of CuSn8 bronze, these instruments have a strong, warm bell-like sound with a very long sustain. They can be played with various mallets and sticks to produce a wide range of harmonics. Sound Plates may be hung individually from our Multi-Sound holder or played as a set of four in our Sound Plate Stand.

H. Accent Gongs (7", 10", 13", 22") Accent Gongs are hand hammered from NS12 alloy, but unlike other gongs, their surface is left unfinished, which produces an aggressive, lively sound. The three smaller Accent gongs can be mounted as a set, connected by gong gut. All Accent gongs can also be mounted and played individually.

I. Percussion Set The Percussion Set is an arrangement of most of our percussion sounds mounted in a stand Paiste specifically developed for this application. It contains all four accent gongs, three Sound Disks, one Rotosound, one Sound Plate, all five Percussion Cymbals, three pairs of Accent cymbals, a pair and row of 15 Finger Cymbals, and five Cup Chimes.

J. Trash Set (12"/16", 14"/18", 16"/20") These stacked cymbal combinations feature a top cymbal made from NS12 alloy and a bottom cymbal made from MS63 alloy. The set produces a short white-noise type crash/closed hi-hat like effect. The decay can be very short or slightly longer depending on how tightly they are mounted.

K. Flanger Splash (12") The Flanger Splash takes the effect cymbal to another level. When struck, one hears a weird and sparkling, splashy sound with a modulating, flanging quality. With a short sustain, this cymbal features a "loose", dark, airy sound.

L. Bell Chime (6") A small thick CuSn8 bronze disk with a slight bowl shape, it produces a round, warm, musical and seemingly never ending high pitched tone. Played with mallets, its sound is especially warm and round

Tuned Percussion Crotales and Tuned Disks were offered individually or in single and double octave sets tuned chromatically to 442Hz (other tunings were available by custom order). Paiste's tuning system ensures instruments with perfect pitch. Paiste offered single and double octave stands for these instruments. To facilitate playing chromatically tuned two octave sets, they had developed a damper system for Crotales and Tuned Disk two octave stands.

Crotales (C6 - F8) Crotales are the traditional Cymbals Antiques utilized by composers in the 19th century. Made from CuSn20 bronze, they produce a clear, pure, even traditional sound.

Tuned Disks (C6 - C8) Tuned Disks are the variation of the Cymbals Antiques Paiste developed in 1971. By eliminating the nipple from the disk, it opened up the sound and sustain qualities. Made of CuSn8 bronze, their sound is warm, lively and bright.

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