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Exotic Percussion

  • Made from CuSn8 bronze, these exceptionally thin and delicate cymbals have a bright, warm and lively splash/crash character. They respond incredibly quick even to hand playing. They may be stacked as a cymbal tree or played individually. (1)
  • Fairly dark, warm, full, brilliant. Wide range, very complex, slightly trashy mix. Soft, extremely responsive feel. Explosive, slightly shattering crash with slightly dirty, warm fade. Very well suited for hand and mallet playing. Also available as a tree mounted set of 5, featuring an incredibly consistent soft, mellow, warm glissando.
    Weight very thin Volume soft to medium Stick Sound washy Intensity lively Sustain medium short Bell Character crashy, very integrated (2)


  • Physically and acoustically, the 18", 19" and 20" Extra Thins are characterized by particular subtlety. Inspired by iconic studio master Jim Keltner's ideas for sound and function, Paiste’s Sound Development created a warm, soft crash that unobtrusively and discreetly embeds itself in soft musical situations. Moreover, the swift decay supports even delicate ride playing. The Extra Thins feel incomparably soft. Their sensitive response allows hand playing and wonderful crescendos with mallets. (3)
  • Fairly dark, warm, gentle. Fairly narrow range, complex mix. Buttery feel, very responsive. Warm, gentle crash sound with a quick decay. Multifunctional cymbal for fast, soft accents and delicate ride patterns. Also well suited for hand playing and mallet work.
    Weight extra thin Volume low to medium loud Stick Sound washy Intensity fairly lively Sustain medium Bell Character integrated (4)


  • The Extra Thin is a very dark, intimate sounding cymbal. It's moody character envelops the listener with a pleasing sound atmosphere. The sustain is short and perfect for lower, more subtle volume situations and reacts immediately, even with the tip of the stick. It's low pitch and giving feel also makes it a beautiful cymbal for mallet rolls. All in all, a beautiful cymbal for light, sensitive playing. (1)
  • Very dark, very low, intimate. Wide frequency range and complex, moody character. Soft, giving feel. Beautiful for light, sensitive playing with sticks, mallet, hands. Dark, washy ride in larger sizes.
    Weight extra thin Volume very soft to medium soft Stick Sound washy, controllable Intensity fast, medium lively Sustain short Bell Character integrated (2)

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