Paiste 2002 14" Heavy Hi-Hat

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2002 14" Heavy Hi-Hat
2002 14" Heavy Hi-Hat (Reflector Finish)
2002 14" Heavy Hi-Hat (ROCK Label)

Group: Hi-Hats
Type: Heavy Hi-Hat
Size: 14 Inch
Series: 2002
Weight: Top: 953g / Bottom: 1048g (Red Label), Top: 956g / 1020g (1985 Serial Numbers), Top: 965g / Bottom: 1042g (Red Label), Top: 965g / Bottom: 1061g ("ROCK" Label 1979 Serial Numbers), Top: 966g / Bottom: 1045g (Red Label), Top: 966g / Bottom: 1061g (Red Label), Top: 969g / Bottom: 1048g, Top: 970g / Bottom: 1049g (1985 Serial Numbers), Top: 979g / Bottom: 1055g (1983 Serial Numbers), Top: 980g / Bottom: 1047g (1985 Serial Numbers, Special Order Reflector Finish), Top: 988g / Bottom: 1053g ("ROCK" Label 1981 Serial Numbers)
Tops: 908g (1978 Serial Number), 944g (1983 Serial Number)
Years of production: 1975 - Present
Sound file: 2002 14" Heavy Hi-Hat
2002 14" Heavy Hi-Hat
2002 14" Heavy Hi-Hat
2002 14" Heavy Hi-Hat
2002 14" Heavy Hi-Hat
2002 14" Heavy Hi-Hat
Paiste's Description: <<< - >>>
Review: I own a pair from 1981. Fat and tight foot chic. tight and clean sounding when closed. Very nice half-open sound, I had a lot of fun playing the intro of "the prisoner - Iron maiden". I played a few times with my pop/rock band and with my metal band and it works great in both settings. Great hi-hat, very versatile. Pros: a lot. Cons: very few to none.
Review written by Henkfromhell
Review: A nice "chick" sound. Somewhat full sounding, but not overbearing. This is my go-to set of hats. I I can do some quick sticking on these, while they don't come off as thin-sounding. If you compare these to the Signature version, these are lighter weight. (in fact, these are lighter than modern versions of A. Zildjian 14" New Beat Hi-Hat, these are also lighter than those. These are probably among my top 2 or 3 pairs of hi-hats I've ever heard.
Review written by Stranjluv101
Review: Own a set of these and practiced and gigged on them most weekends since 1988, speaks for itself.
Never let me down, very durable and despite being heavy weight versatile.Awesome for rock, and have used for anything else played at loud and soft volumes.
I like playing them slightly open or closed tight.
The sound edge would be the cream of this series.
Review written by Mouse
Review: I have owned two sets of these (currently still have a set) They are among my very favorite hi-hats. Crisp, bright and cutting hi-hats with a great open shimmer sound. Great stick articulation that cuts. I do believe these can be played in most settings but shines in the rock 'n roll setting. I currently am adding a soundedge bottom to these to enhance the chick sound.
Review written by MrPowerRide
Artist/song where it can be heard: Frank Beard, Charlie Benante, Clive Burr, Jon Hiseman, Jeff Porcaro, Tico Torres