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Nicholas Margarite is a cymbalsmith originally based out of New Jersey, USA. Margarite has had extensive training, including with Franciso Domene of Domene Cymbals in Brazil. He currently makes cymbals from B20 bronze but at one point was selling B12 cymbals through Drum Factory Direct. He also offers cymbalsmith training where he taught Russell Lundgren of Big Island Cymbals

Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Production Years: 2007? - 2024, but possible part-time work in future
Cymbal Types Produced: rides, hats, crashes, crash/rides, splashes
Contact: see Contact page on website
Website: Nicky Moon Cymbals
YouTube Channel: Nicky Moon
Additional Links: Nicky Moon on The Reverie Podcast

Sound File Examples:

22" 1 Series Clear ride
21" Sentinel Moon Crater ride 2248g
15" Sage hats
17" Sentinel Champagne crash

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