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Big Island Cymbals is Hawai'i's first and only cymbal company, ran by independent cymbalsmith Russell Lundgren. Lundgren was taught cymbalsmithing, at least in part, by Nicholas Margarite of Nicky Moon Cymbals. Emma Garau is a known user of Big Island Cymbals, specifically a 20" Bamboo series ride.

Location: Hawai'i, USA
Production Years: 2022 - Present
Cymbal Types Produced: rides, hats, crash/rides
Contact: contact form on bottom of website
Website: Big Island Cymbals
YouTube Channel: Big Island Cymbals on YouTube
Additional links: Big Island Cymbals on Instagram

Sound file examples:

21" Elvin Jones Tribute ride
20" Bamboo ride cymbal, 2298g
13.75" Bamboo hi-hats, 1068g/1262g

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