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Note this is a resurrection of the lost Paiste-Only wiki (many updates are currently ongoing).
The wiki pages have been formatted for 1920 x 1080 resolution, for best viewing experience please use this resolution on your computer.



Each of these portals can be used to help find specific information on Paiste products both past and present.

* Paiste Series: Browse cymbals by series.

* Paiste Artists: Notable Artists playing Paistes.

* Paiste Serial Numbers: How to determine the date of manufacture for Paiste cymbals, German serial numbers, dating preserial Paistes, etc.

* Identify Your Paistes: Notes on identifying alloys, Alloy technical detail, Labeling formats, Factory refinishing, European, English & Japanese distributors.

* Paiste Patents: Timeline of Paiste Patents.

* Paiste Formula 602 22" Dark Ride: Arguably Paiste's most collectable and sought after cymbal, the "albino unicorn"; mysteries solved here!

* Paiste's cymbal production process versus the competition: Myths, misconceptions, misinformation and plain old bamboozlery! What sets Paiste apart from other manufactures!

* Paiste general history and cymbal production timeline: 1901 - 1986: A subjective and objective compassionate history lesson of the company and its products.

* Paiste cymbal line history diagram: 1930 - present day: A summary and guide to virtually every cymbal line Paiste has produced from the "10,000 foot level"!

* Ludwig & Paiste: A marriage made in heaven... until it wasn't! (1953- 1972*): The history behind the partnership and one of the greatest growth periods for Paiste.

* A conversation with Fredy Studer: The creator of the 602 dark ride, Sound creations, 2002's, Masters, Modern essential 602's and signing countless drummers!

* The Keeper of the Sound: A 2006 Interview with Robert Paiste by Fritz Steger (Robert had not been formally interviewed since 1972!).

* Paiste Advertising: Paiste catalogs, advertisements(ads), brochures, flyers, price lists, and posters.

* Paiste Merchandise: Official Paiste Merchandise.

* Paiste Type Portal: Browse cymbals by type.

* Paiste Expansions & Phase Outs: The chronological history of each cymbal model.

* Cymbal care: How to care for, clean, and use your Paiste products.

* Wiki cymbal cleaning supplemental: My journey to find the perfect cymbal cleaner.

* Paiste Rarities, Oddballs, and Unique Items: A photo gallery.

* Paiste Gongs: Detailed info on Paiste gongs.

Complete Paiste catalogs

1974 Paiste catalog: 1974 catalog scanned and posted as a picture gallery.

1977 Paiste catalog: 1977 catalog scanned and posted as a picture gallery.

1979 Paiste catalog: 1979 catalog scanned and posted as a picture gallery.

1985 Paiste catalog: 1985 catalog scanned and posted as a picture gallery.

Modern drummer articles

1978 "MD special report": October 1978 Modern drummer's first article on Paiste cymbals.
Inside Paiste: 1985: A history and an interview with Robert and Toomas Paiste.
Visit to the Paiste factory: 1985: An in depth look at Paiste's factory and production process for 1985 models.
Paiste drummer service: 1985: A detailed description of the history and how the Paiste drummer service works.
1989 "MD review, Signatures": December 1989 Modern drummer review of the new Signature series.

Paiste YouTube links and resources

Paiste links and resources

Paiste Facebook pages