Paiste Drums

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Paiste drums

Paiste drums: born in 1998 from a idea shared between Jeff Ocheltree and Erik Paiste.
Paiste developed in collaboration with Jeff Ocheltree: Snare drums, Timbales and Drum sets, made of the 2002 Bronze (B8), called "The Spirit of 2002". The primary user being Carl Palmer.
In addition, with the Initiative of Ed Clift and Danny Carey, Paiste created more snare drums and a drum set dedicated to Danny made from their PSA (Signature) alloy.

Spirit of 2002 Snare Drums:

13'' x 5.5''
14'' x 5''
14'' x 6.5''

S-Bronze (Signature alloy) Snare Drums:

13'' x 4''
14'' x 5.5''

Timbale Traditional:

13'' x 6.5'' 14'' x 6.5'' set
14'' x 6.5'' 15'' x 6.5'' set


to custom specification

Bass drum:

to custom specification