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Series - Sizes

K 22" Custom Ride top
K 22" Custom Ride bot


K Zildjian

These are heavy unlathed cymbals with no visible tonal grooves and a brilliant finish.

This model called Custom is a pre K Custom line ride cymbal and is in the K series despite the name. The model ink doesn't include the word Ride, but people often act as if it is there. The K series Custom was hammered on the rotary hammering machine developed in the mid 80s, then pressed into shape, then some additional irregular hammering was added. The rotary hammer machine is why these have unusual hammering patterns compared to other Ks. You can see circles of hammering, and on the underside they "print through" as concentric circles. If this looks familiar that's because the rotary hammering machine is also used on the A Custom series.

The K Custom series appeared in 1995 with new ride models called Medium Ride and Dark Ride, as well as hats and crashes. There is still a K Custom Ride (now in the K Custom Series and just called a Ride) but it is only available in the 20" size.