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Tosco was an Italian cymbal manufacturing company based in Italy. They produced cymbals from 1974 to 1985, closing their facility in 1986.


From Paolo Sburlati, Paiste distributor in Italy:
"There were several families in Pistoia, all bronze casters.
The Tronci family produced the big bronze gates at the entrance in Pistoia two centuries ago and they are still there today.
The boss of the families decided to get together and create a big cymbal factory called Unione Fabbricanti Italiani Piatti. All well at the beginning, but typical of hot blooded Tuscan people, they disagreed after short time and each boss went his own way, all creating new cymbal factories: Biasei with Spadaccini created Tosco, Roberto gave birth to Zanki and Luigi kept the name and the Ufip factory. They also started fighting each other on the market and this benefited the competition at the beginning."

More coming soon!

More coming soon!