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Red is a company based in Melbourne, Australia, with production in Istanbul, Turkey.

Red Cymbals.jpg

Cymbal Series

  • Bright Hybrid - Bright, powerful, and brash
  • Dark - Dark, dry and subtle in tone with plenty of wash and a modicum of trash
  • Fire
  • Glow - Dry/dark and different with selective lathing and a variety of hammering styles which all combine to make unique sounding cymbals with a drier response and quick decay
  • Hakalitz Signature Series - A variety of both dark and bright tones, made for Red artist Ben Hakalitz
  • Heavy AZ - Heavy and loud - brash and bright yet still have subtle signature Turkish dark tones to them
  • Hiraeth - An adaption of the Traditional series with a raw bell, less lathing and more hammering with a larger bell on the rides to give it more impact
  • Traditional - A genre crossing series of cymbals as they can't be narrowed down to serving one specific style of music
  • Traditional Dark - Thin, responsive with a dark tones due to the unlathed finish under the cymbal
  • Vertical - Thinner, have lighter lathing yet have more hammering, a shorter decay and are responsive but not uncontrollable
  • Vertical Raw - THIN, have a raw bell and dark/dry finish which give them a lower tone and allow them to 'get out of the way' quickly
  • Melbourne - A vintage styled, smooth velvety sounding series with warm dry tones and great definition

Their cymbal demonstration videos can be found on Red Cymbals You Tube channel.

In addition to their catalogued cymbals, they also offer custom order services. Red sticks, baffles, cymbal pads, hard cases, and more are also available.

More information can be found on their website: Red Cymbals