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Paul Francis is a former 32-year Zildjian employee (his last role being Director of Cymbal Innovation), now custom cymbalsmith. While initially starting solely under the brand Cymbal Craftsman, he now runs Royal Cymbals, where Cymbal Craftsman continues to be his custom line of cymbals. He co-owns Royal Cymbals with ex-Zildjian Director of Artist Relations, Sarah Hagan.

Location: Hanover, Massachusetts, USA
Production Years: unknown, but likely 2021 or 2022 - Present
Cymbal Types Produced: rides, hats, crashes, crash/rides
Contact: see Contact page on website
Website: Royal Cymbals
Additional links:
Live From My Drum Room podcast (episode 113; Jan 16 2023) with Paul Francis
Paul Francis on The Reverie Podcast

Sound File Examples:

20" Crash/Ride 2313g
22" Bill Stewart Style v2 Ride 2393g
17" Crash 1250g
15" Hi-hats 1059g/1541g

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