Paiste Wild Crash

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Series - Sizes



  • Very energetic and powerful, metallic, hissing. Fairly narrow range, fairly clean mix. Very responsive, giving feel. Very well suited for crash/ride patterns. Strong, sturdy, loud crash for aggressive playing styles in loud and extreme musical genres.
    Weight medium heavy Volume medium to very loud Stick Sound silky, clear Intensity lively Sustain long Bell Character integrated, defined (1)


  • Hissing, roaring, metallic, shimmering. Narrow range, fairly complex mix. Very responsive, balanced feel, especially controllable while crash/riding. A strong, piercing, crash paired with a growling decay. Very sturdy crash cymbal for louder musical applications in aggressive drumming styles.
    Weight medium Volume medium to very loud Stick Sound silvery, raw Intensity full, lively Sustain fairly short Bell Character wide, integrated (1)

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Information from:

  1. 2009