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  • Bright, metallic, aggressively roaring, very strong, raw. Wide range, fairly clean mix. Heavy with a comfortable feel. Aggressive, shattering attack with a roaring crash. Modern China sound with a grungy touch. Well suited for loud and very loud musical applications.
    Weight medium heavy Volume medium to very loud Stick Sound meaty, pangy, fairly clear, slightly silvery Intensity lively Sustain medium long Bell Character integrated (2)


  • Wild, roaring, dark, trashy, shimmering. Wide range, fairly complex mix. Responsive feel. Aggressive, widespread, shattering attack with an oriental, acidic decay. Perfectly suited for all types of extreme musical styles that require a sturdy, almost uncontrollable China. Odd sizes offer a unique and different alternative to your set up.
    Weight medium Volume medium low to very loud Stick Sound crisp, pangy Intensity lively Sustain medium Bell Character integrated (1)

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Information from:

  1. 2007
  2. 2019