Paiste Sound Formula 13" Mega Cup Chime

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Group: Other
Type: Mega Cup Chime
Size: 13 Inch
Series: Sound Formula - Exotic Percussion - Signature
Weight: 1357g
Years of production: 1996 - ? (Sound Formula), ? - ? (Exotic Percussion), 2005 - ? (Signature)
Sound file: unknown
Paiste's Description: <<< - >>>
Review: Very "gongy bell" like sound when played inverted. Not a typical "bell" ring style sound. If you strike the side of the bell, as you would play a ride's bell, it gives off a massive, deep, loud ping! You can use the tiny edge to ride this for an amazing, tight, loud, sharp ride sound. This is a nice, universal, multi accent/chime that should fit nicely into any set up. This is basically a "mega bell ride" without the ride attached. Play the side of the bell, and you get a bell ride sound, but even better! This again, is not a typical bell sound (as in accent), but rather a ride bell sound. Very original accent.
Review written by ROMAN
Review: This is a really cool chime with a very unique sound. I have never heard another chime surpass this one. If your looking for a great effect for your kit look no further this is suitable for studio or live conditions and will really and some uhmph to your kit.
Review written by bobbylme
Artist/song where it can be heard: Frank Beard, Danny Carey, Joey Jordison, Dave Lombardo, David Silveria, Fredy Studer, Alex Van Halen, Chad Wackerman