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Series - Sizes



  • Very bright, full, warm and clear. Wide range, very clear mix. Heavy, giving feel. Explosive, clear and open sound with a meaty and cutting chick. Very forceful, rich hi-hat for wide application in many musical genres.
    Weight medium heavy top / heavy bottom Volume medium to very loud Stick Sound pronounced, very tight and crisp Intensity lively Sustain long Chick Sound clear, full, brilliant (1)


  • Bright, clear, fairly raw, energetic. Wide range, fairly complex mix. Heavy, responsive feel. Full, bright open sound. Sharp, cutting chick sound. Still very playable at moderate volume.
    Weight medium heavy top / extra heavy bottom Volume medium loud to very loud Stick Sound very pronounced Intensity lively Sustain long Chick Sound full, cutting (2)

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Information from:

  1. 2009
  2. 2006