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Series - Sizes


Formula 602

Seven Sound Set 5 :

  • A very distinct low ride sound. Can produce explosive or short, fuller crash. (2)


  • This cymbal has not really a ‘pingy’ ride effect. (It was not designed for this type of music). Suitable for strong, heavy stick work, it also has a strong bell sound. ‘Crashy-Ride’ playing is also possible with the shoulder of the stick on the cymbal edge. (3)
  • Much more lively and active than a traditional ride cymbal, the RUDE Ride/Crash has excellent penetration at any volume level. Again, it is designed for strong, heavy stick work, with a remarkably strong bell sound. A unique ‘crash-ride’ sound is possible if using the shoulder of the stick on the cymbal edge. (4)
  • "Ride" is the primary function, but these are also incredibly strong crashes. High pitched, raw and metallic, great for creating a "wash" of sound for louder music passages. (1)
  • Medium bright, raw, full, energetic. Fairly wide range, complex mix. Fairly heavy feel, metallic ping over dirty, full supporting wash. Great for full, loud ride playing and incredibly strong, full crashes.
    Weight medium heavy Volume loud Stick Sound balanced Intensity lively Sustain long Bell Character strong, integrated (5)

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