Paiste RUDE 24" Mega Power Ride

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Group: Rides
Type: Mega Power Ride
Size: 24 Inch
Series: RUDE
Weight: 4626g, 4714g, 4738g (2012 Serial Number), 4738g (2020 Serial Number), 4745g
Years of production: 2007 - Present; Previously made as the Dimensions 24" Mega Power Bell Ride 1999(?)-2005; Integrated into the 2002 series as the 2002 24" Mega Rock Bell Ride until 2007.
Sound file: RUDE 24" Mega Power Ride
RUDE 24" Mega Power Ride
RUDE 24" Mega Power Ride
RUDE 24" Mega Power Ride
RUDE 24" Mega Power Ride
Paiste's Description: <<< - >>>
Review: This is a monster! The extra heavy weight lends to it's hard, massive, almost dry loud ping. The bell is loud, very "rounded" sounding, and similar to a cowbell IMO! This ride will cut through the half stacks and then some. It's too bad they don't offer this in 22" as that would be perfect! Great sounding ride, big ping, heavy feel, actually a medium to short sustain with a monster loud bell sound. Great for cutting cars in half! Monster, similar to the dim power 24 mega, but a bit more raw sounding. The bell sounds like a cow bell. I like this ride, but only wish they offered it in 22 and 20. The finish is not typical rude, more like green colored 2002. Still, this freakish ride is a killer metal ride, and a must try for anyone looking to kill a small town. You can also mow your yard with this. Big, heavy feel, almost dryish sounding. Overall a must try, even if just in the store, you may find you like this giant green monster, I did!
Review written by ROMAN
Review: There is a bit of wash with it, but when played with kit and band you can hear barely none what so ever, it just is, too me the ultimate metal ride. It has fairly good stick definition too.
Review written by rude rule!
Artist/song where it can be heard: Paul Bostaph, John Dolmayan, Inferno