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  • Bright, silky, metallic, full, slightly trashy and very powerful. Wide range, fairly clean mix. Comfortable, responsive and somewhat soft feel. Exotic type of china that also offers the sound and function of a crash cymbal. Its unique shape makes both the bell and downward turned china edge accessible at once. Provides a strong, sizzling and deep layered china sound that is perfectly suited for any styles of Rock music and for other unique applications and percussive settings.
    Weight medium Volume medium to very loud Stick Sound silvery, pangy, silky Intensity lively Sustain fairly long, even Bell Character integrated (3)


  • Same characteristics as the classic 2002 Novo, but dryer. A round, playable bell with an exotic sound. Trashy, brash and projecting. (1)


  • Novo China's round bell faces in the opposite direction, allowing access to the bell and the "underside" at the same time, for simultaneous bell, crash and ride playing . A bright china which projects well in loud situations. (1)
  • Very bright, slightly trashy, full, exotic. Wide range, complex mix. Full, responsive, explosive crash. Defined bell. Very unique, versatile china for flexible application.
    Weight medium Volume medium to very loud Stick Sound fairly pingy Intensity lively Sustain long Bell Character clear, integrated (2)

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