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  • Light and airy, yet full of projection, great for Jazz and beyond. (1)
  • Dark, sweet, airy, mellow. Wide range, fairly complex mix. Gentle, buttery feel, silvery ping over airy, medium dark wash. Versatile, complex ride or crash/ride for lower volume settings.
    Weight medium thin Volume soft to medium Stick Sound washy Intensity fairly lively Sustain medium Bell Character integrated (3)


  • The Light Ride is low pitched and has a soft, buttery feel to it. When riding it, the ping, being of a woody yet softly sparkling quality, melts into a complex, dark, somewhat smokey cushion of sound. It opens beautifully with the shoulder of the stick and fades quickly, making room for each stick stroke. The quick decay after strong crashes makes it easily controllable. The overall sound appearance is a dark cloud of sound that softly surrounds you. (2)
  • Dark, low, slightly trashy, sparkling. Loose frequency range, complex mix. Soft, buttery feel, very responsive and controllable. Great for supporting ride patterns with quick crash accents.
    Weight thin Volume soft to medium Stick Sound balanced, woody Intensity medium lively Sustain medium Bell Character full, integrated (4)


  • Silvery, full, sweet, low. Fairly wide range, complex mix. Soft feel, very responsive. Slightly papery and sparkling stick sound over a foggy wash. Very nice, dynamic ride for any application in lower volume ranges, including Blues, Jazz, Country, and acoustic or vocal oriented music.
    Weight thin Volume very low to medium low Stick Sound washy, fizzy Intensity open, lively Sustain medium Bell Character integrated, misty (4)

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