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Joe Morello

Bands / Acts: Dave Brubeck Quartet
Paiste artist since: 1967
Styles: Jazz
Creation of the Formula 602 Joe Morello Set: Background: "Late '65, early '66: Once Ludwig took over the distribution of Paiste cymbals, Joe Morello was approached by Bill Ludwig to endorse Paiste. Since Joe played and endorsed Ludwig Drums, he was the obvious choice for a signature cymbal set baring his name. Paiste catalog: "In personal collaboration with Joe Morello, this beautiful melodically coordinated set was created" A custom set of Formula 602 cymbals made to Joe's specification (the 1st. artist model!) comprising of 14" sound edge hi hats, 17", 18" and 20" sizes. Visual cues show much finer lathing and possibly different hammering compared to the standard 602's

Cymbal Setups

1972 (left to right) - Paiste Profiles 1

1975 (left to right) - Paiste Profiles 2

1981 (left to right) - Paiste Profiles 3


1987 (left to right) - Modern Drummer

1991 - Paiste Ad

Recommended Media




Other Gear - Paiste Profiles 1

  • Drums: Ludwig

Other Gear - Paiste Profiles 2

  • Drums: Ludwig
  • Sticks: Joe Morello model, Ludwig 11A

Other Gear - Paiste Profiles 3

  • Drums: Ludwig
  • Heads: Ludwig Weather King
  • Sticks: Ludwig "Joe Morello" 11A

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