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Series - Sizes



  • Medium weight, multi-purpose ride. A clean, articulate stick sound with a full, round wash underneath. Very dynamic and useful in many situations. (1)
  • Bright, full, warm. Fairly narrow range, clean mix. Even, balanced feel. Strong, clear ping over even shimmering wash. Very versatile all-round ride with strength.
    Weight medium Volume medium to loud Stick Sound balanced Intensity fairly lively Sustain medium Bell Character fairly integrated (2)

  • Full, medium, bright, warm. Medium range, clean mix. Even, balanced feel. A perfect connection of a clear ping with a supporting shimmering wash. A well rounded ride cymbal for multi-purpose use in a wide range of musical applications.
    Weight medium Volume medium to fairly loud Stick Sound pronounced, balanced Intensity lively Sustain medium long Bell Character relatively integrated (3)


  • An all purpose, medium weight ride with rich harmonics and a silvery ping. The bell sound is clear, crisp and separated from the cymbal body sound. (1)
  • Medium bright, full, rich. Wide range, balanced mix. Even response with clear, silvery stick sound supported by full wash. Very musical, general purpose ride with big sound.
    Weight medium heavy Volume soft to loud Stick Sound evenly balanced Intensity lively Sustain long Bell Character clear, crisp, separated (2)

Sound Formula

  • An all purpose ride with fullness, good stick definition accompanied by a rich wash underneath. Bell is clear and cutting. Ideal for many applications. (1)

Twenty Custom Collection

  • Full, rich, strong. Fairly wide range, clean mix. Very even, giving feel with a comfortable rebound. Clear, firm, sparkling stick sound over a full, deep and lively wash. Perfect balance. A very versatile ride cymbal suited for all modern music styles from R&B to Alternative Rock.
    Weight medium heavy Volume low to fairly loud Stick Sound clear, full, crisp, glassy Intensity lively Sustain fairly long Bell Character integrated (4)


  • A controllable, rich sounding all-round ride. Very nice for miking and recording, with good stick control and a clean bell. (1)

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