Paiste Dimensions 20" Dry Ride

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Dimensions 20" Dry Ride
Dimensions 20" Dry Ride
Dimensions 20" Dry Ride

Group: Rides
Type: Dry Ride
Size: 20 Inch
Series: Dimensions
Weight: 2455g (1999 Serial Number), 2460g, 2480g, 2505g, 2505g (2000 Serial Number), 2550g
Years of production: 2000 - 2005
Sound file: Dimensions 20" Dry Ride
Paiste's Description: <<< - >>>
Review: Has the unique Paiste feel under the stick with nice stick definition but still some spread despite the “dry” moniker, killer bell that is semi integrated, not a clanky sound at all. Over all a fairly dark sounding cymbal for a Paiste, it is still thin enough to get an accent crash out of.
Review written by sflmike
Review: Definitely a dry sounding ride. It has a quick decay, with only a small amount of low overtones. In comparison to the Signature 20" Dry Heavy Ride, this is lower in pitch, with a minimal amount of cut and volume. If using in a loud application, I'd recommend using a microphone to bring it through the mix.
Review written by Stranjluv101
Artist/song where it can be heard: unknown