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  • They emanate a soft musical closed sound, and open up with a satisfying smoky wash. Yet, the chick sound always stays clear and assertive.
  • Dark, full, soft, multi-layered. Medium wide range, complex mix. Soft, responsive feel. Velvety sizzling open sound. Rich, dark chick sound. A sensitive hi-hat perfectly suited for light to medium heavy use within Jazz, Blues, Country and other acoustic music styles.
    Weight medium thin top / medium heavy bottom Volume low to medium loud Stick Sound soft, velvety Intensity lively Sustain medium Chick Sound full, deep with a bit of wash (2)

Sound Creation

  • Full, powerful and deep sounding cymbals for strong players, who need volume and depth of sound. The closed Hi-Hat sound is thick and solid when played with the sticks. The blend between the two cymbals when slightly open but touching is low, dark and strong. The response is very quick for cymbals of this weight. For this reason, opening and closing effects come out very clearly.
    The feeling of these cymbals is ‘earthy, low and clear’. (1)

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Information from:

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