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Series - Sizes


Signature Reflector

  • Fairly dark, full, controlled, glassy, shimmering. Fairly wide range, clean mix. Very comfortable feel with a clear, full ping over a large, deep harmonic wash. This ride cymbal is extremely well suited for intricate stick work that calls for a strong bell in all types of Rock based music. Developed in co-operation with the legendary "Iron Maiden" drummer Nicko McBrain.
    Weight heavy Volume medium to very loud Stick Sound full, glassy Intensity lively Sustain long Bell Character strong, deep, melodious (3)

Sound Creation

  • A full, powerful and penetrating bell sound for those players, who need a really strong bell sound that is not too high in pitch. The ride sound is pleasant and fairly high in pitch. However, the main thing with this cymbal is the bell sound. The dynamic range of the bell is fantastic. Bell patterns are clear at any volume level from extremely soft to extremely loud.

Sound Creation New Dimension

  • Heavy cymbal with full, powerful, penetrating bell sound and bright, precise ride sound. (2)

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