Paiste 2002 17" Crash

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2002 17" Crash

Group: Crashes
Type: Crash
Size: 17 Inch
Series: 2002
Weight: 1270g (Red Label), 1299g
Years of production: 1978 - Present
Sound file: 2002 17" Crash
2002 17" Crash
2002 17" Crash
2002 17" Crash
2002 17" Crash
Paiste's Description: <<< - >>>
Review: This one is pretty much like the 18", but it's obviously a bit brighter. It sounds just as amazing as the 18". For a while, I actually liked this one better.
The 18" and 17" 2002 crashes obviously sound very, very well together. I bought these crashes at the same time, and they've served me very well. The only thing I think could be different is that the 17" isn't really THAT much brighter than the 18". Yes, it's brighter, but I prefer a certain gap between the two of them. However, this is only my opinion, and the 16" 2002 crash is a lot brighter, almost too bright for me, so I'm happy with these two.
Review written by Gnarkill
Review: Loud full crash that top rides very chimmy-shiny musical light-rich tone. When crashed loud opens up for its full power loud, fades medium opens medium, you can feel its power crashing & opening up. Very good for playing multi-crashes like 8ths with double bass.
Review written by Seven Umbrellas
Review: A quick crash, but not too quick. Has a pleasantly bright sound, with a nice shimmer. Not too small, and large either, this is a great size to be used in any style of music. Think of it as an 18" lite; punchy, full of warm tone, without being overbearing. The Classic 2002 sound.
Review written by Stranjluv101
Review: This is my first review so I thought it should be about my favorite crash. I have the 16", 17" and 18", and out of the three the 17" is my definite favorite. I find a bit drier than the 18", and quite a bit brighter. Excellent for crash-riding, and it serves well as a primary crash I think. A bit quick, it's decay is closer to the 16" than the 18". Has the typical Paiste-shimmer, and the shimmer seems to sustain longer than the pitch, if you know what I mean. Someone said warm, it does indeed have warm tone, but the projection is almost icy. Just perfect I think.
Review written by Olli
Artist/song where it can be heard: Tommy Aldridge, Barry Altschul, Frank Beard, Alvino Bennett, Art Blakey, Fran Breen, Denny Carmassi, Sheila Escovedo, David Lauser, Stu Martin, Nick Mason, Prairie Prince, Bobby Rondinelli, Nick d'Virgilio, Paul Wertico