Paiste 2002 17" Crash

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2002 17" Crash

Group: Crashes
Type: Crash
Size: 17 Inch
Series: 2002
Weight: 1246g (Red Label), 1263g (2023 Serial Number), 1266g (Red Label), 1267g (Red Label), 1270g (Red Label), 1275g (2014 Serial Number), 1284g (2023 Serial Number), 1288g (2018 Serial Number), 1290g (1981 Serial Number), 1290g (2007 Serial Number), 1295g (2007 Serial Number), 1299g, 1323g (Red Label), 1380g (2023 Serial Number), 1461g (1985 Serial Number, Reflector finish)
Years of production: 1978 - Present
Sound file: 2002 17" Crash
2002 17" Crash
2002 17" Crash
2002 17" Crash
2002 17" Crash
2002 17" Crash
2002 17" Crash
Paiste's Description: <<< - >>>
Review: This one is pretty much like the 18", but it's obviously a bit brighter. It sounds just as amazing as the 18". For a while, I actually liked this one better.
The 18" and 17" 2002 crashes obviously sound very, very well together. I bought these crashes at the same time, and they've served me very well. The only thing I think could be different is that the 17" isn't really THAT much brighter than the 18". Yes, it's brighter, but I prefer a certain gap between the two of them. However, this is only my opinion, and the 16" 2002 crash is a lot brighter, almost too bright for me, so I'm happy with these two.
Review written by Gnarkill
Review: Loud full crash that top rides very chimmy-shiny musical light-rich tone. When crashed loud opens up for its full power loud, fades medium opens medium, you can feel its power crashing & opening up. Very good for playing multi-crashes like 8ths with double bass.
Review written by Seven Umbrellas
Review: A quick crash, but not too quick. Has a pleasantly bright sound, with a nice shimmer. Not too small, and large either, this is a great size to be used in any style of music. Think of it as an 18" lite; punchy, full of warm tone, without being overbearing. The Classic 2002 sound.
Review written by Stranjluv101
Review: This is my first review so I thought it should be about my favorite crash. I have the 16", 17" and 18", and out of the three the 17" is my definite favorite. I find a bit drier than the 18", and quite a bit brighter. Excellent for crash-riding, and it serves well as a primary crash I think. A bit quick, it's decay is closer to the 16" than the 18". Has the typical Paiste-shimmer, and the shimmer seems to sustain longer than the pitch, if you know what I mean. Someone said warm, it does indeed have warm tone, but the projection is almost icy. Just perfect I think.
Review written by Olli
Artist/song where it can be heard: Tommy Aldridge, Barry Altschul, Frank Beard, Alvino Bennett, Art Blakey, Fran Breen, Denny Carmassi, Sheila Escovedo, David Lauser, Stu Martin, Nick Mason, Prairie Prince, Bobby Rondinelli, Nick d'Virgilio, Paul Wertico