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Philippe Gauthier Boudreau is an independent cymbalsmith based in Montréal, Canada. PGB is notable for employing some machine hammering along with traditional hand hammering.

Location: Montréal, Canada
Production Years: 2017 - Present
Cymbal Types Produced: rides, hats, clap stacks
Contact: see Contact page on website
Website: PGB Artisan Cymbals
YouTube Channel: PGB artisan cymbals
Additional links: Philippe Gauthier Boudreau (PGB Artisan Cymbals) on Reverie Podcast

Sound File Examples:

14" Signature medium hi-hats 930g/1120g
22" Traditional Dry ride 2260g
19.5" Signature mini bell ride 1880g
15.25" Artisan Dark hi-hats 1000g / 1240g

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