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Mike Mongiello is an independent cymbalsmith based in Philadelphia, USA. While initially training himself using stainless steel, he eventually moved on to B20 bronze and studied with Francisco Domene in Brazil. Dr. Eric Binder is a known player of Mongiello cymbals, having helped develop the Prestige series, where Binder has a signature ride and hats. Mongiello is a full-time cymbalsmith.

Location: South Philadelphia, USA
Production Years: 2020? - Present
Cymbal Types Produced: rides, hats, crashes, crash-rides
Contact: mongiellocymbals@gmail.com
Website: Mongiello Cymbals
YouTube Channel: Mongiello Cymbals
Additional links: Mike Mongiello on The Reverie Podcast

Sound File Examples:

20" Prestige Series Type I ride, 1889g
23" Megabell ride, 3479g
12" Prestige Series Eric Binder Signature hats, 599g/695g
17" Avaré Series Dry Crash Thin, 1214g

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