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A Adam Kmicic (pronounced: "ka-mish-ick") is an independent cymbalsmith based in Poland. Most of the cymbals are a "proprietary blend of stainless steel with an increased content of elements such as Titanium and Ferrite" and the "stainless steel Ti117 is referred to as a noble metal alloy." However they also "occasionally" make cymbals from bronze or "other metals."

Location: Poland
Production Years: 2022? - Present
Cymbal Types Produced: rides, hi-hats, crashes, crash-rides, chinas, clap stacks
Contact: or +48 733 519 137
Website: Kmicic Cymbals
YouTube Channel: Kmicic Cymbals

Sound File Examples:

22.5" Engrav ride
24" SSTi117 ride cymbal
22" Swing ride (B20 bronze)
14" stainless steel hi-hats

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