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Company: K Zildjian & Cie
Country: Istanbul, Turkey (which was called Constantinople back then)
Production Years: 1900? to 1910?
Trademark location: towards the outer edge
Other Markings: Company name written under bell K Zildjian & Cie, sometimes Constantinople
Diameters: observed 13" to 15"
Sound File Examples: coming

This is the earliest form of the K Zildjian trademark stamps from Turkey. It seems like it was called Type 0 because it wasn't identified until the later Types 1 to 4 were named. Zero also happens to indicate the amount of English script on it (none), as well as the number of other pictorial elements (none).

Below is the common repeated pictorial element which helps place the 0 form in context using Type 2 as a backdrop. This shows K Zildjian Constantinople stamp types 0, 1, 2, 3, 4. If you can't locate this form in a stamp then you might be looking at a non K Zildjian cymbal referred to as Ersatz Ks by Bill Hartrick who first put together a timeline for Old Ks. The Stamp 0 form is also shown on a catalog identified as 1907 on Vintage Drum Guide and shown below

Here are some examples of the look of these cymbals in terms of hammering, lathing, bell shape, company name under bell, etc. This is a 14" pair. From our modern perspective people often refer to these has hi hats when the are found in pair. They are far more likely to be pairs held in the hand via handles or straps and used for marching bands or possibly orchestral music.

and another 15" pair

Prior to this earliest trademark form there are cymbals which have no pressed in trademark. The earliest example I've seen is this one engraved for presentation dated April 1883. It is 14 inches in diameter with unknown weight.

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